Want to Attract More Clients? Think Like Them

Angela has some words of wisdom to share:

If youre a solo operator, at least 40 per cent of your working time each week needs to be spent on marketing. You need to have processes in place so that you can simply get it done without thinking too much about it. If marketing is difficult for you, its because you dont have the processes in place which make it easy.

Someone told me that businesses fail because it’s a problem of marketing. Either theres no marketing, too little marketing, or the wrong kind of marketing. In case it isnt obvious yet, as a freelancer, attracting clients and winning contracts is a matter of constant marketing. How will people discover your skills and commitment if they dont even know you exist? Thats why you have to get the word about yourself out there as much as possible.

I once made the mistake of waiting for clients to approach me via my personal blog. Along the way however, I realized that I should be more active in reaching out to them. This is what I do for my freelance writing and design career. Aside from subscribing to job sitesRSS feeds, which makes it easy to stay uptodate on new listings, I also look for the clients themselves. Either by blog hopping or just following the links wherever they lead me.

Oh, and it doesn’t hurt to market yourself offline too. Every new acquaintance is a chance to network, a chance to get a new contract, a chance to raise my profile as a freelancer. This makes sense when you realize that the lifeblood of a freelancer is literally his ability to make himself known. Like I said, clients dont hire people who dont exist.

How actively do you market yourself? It should be another area where youre consistent in.

It’s a proven fact: if you want to get anyones attention, youll have to think like them.

Specifically, you must be aware of what theyre looking for. Then work to meet them halfway. Here are three areas that, from my experience, are very important to potential clients:

Money. Even clients with money gardens in their backyard wont spend too much. They know that the best way to maximize their hardearned and/or limited funds is to spend as little as possible. Are your services competitively priced? Take note that you still have the right to earn money from a project!

Time. Clients are usually on a busy schedule. So they want the project to be finished as soon as reasonably possible. Do you practice reasonable yet prompt turnaround times?

Proficiency. Potential outsourcers need to know that you can do what they want. Are you capable of fulfilling the clients objectives? Is it obvious that you can? Maybe you need to build a better portfolio.

In short, attracting clients is a matter of providing a compelling value proposition for them. Work to make them see that the time and money theyll spend on you will be worth it. Theyll have no choice but to listen and eventually say yes.

Surely there are more ways to think like a client to make yourself more attractive. What could they be?