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Freelance Myth Revealed

I this post I would like to share with you one idea.

I was once watched a totally Bmovie about a group of students in film school. Someone was picking them off one by one, the heroine got if off with a mysteriously rakish guy, yada yada yada.

And, when the killer was finally outed, who happened to be the student’steacher, the heroine furiously saidthose who cant do, teach!” before sending him to tell.

Too bad she was totally wrong.

Thats because freelancers who can teach can definitely do too. Some of the more successful freelancers Ive met are actually great teachers. They help their fellow contract workerscareers develop, and enjoy the profile associated with being an authority:

Helping Others Out

As a teacher, these freelancers freely (or not) share advice with others. They probably know the ins and outs of marketing, negotiation, and maximizing productivity. Aside from sharing unique ideas, perspectives, and insights, they also others avoid the mistakes by drawing on years of experience.

The fact that theyve worked at the job for a long time usually means theyre truly passionate about what they do, a very contagious emotion for willing recipients.

These freelancers also encourage the exchange of ideas crucial to the growth of any field, pushing it to improve. And anybody who can literally and figuratively afford to do that is successful in my book.

The Perks of Authority

An authoritative profile is very attractive to clients, publicists, other freelancers, and so many. Thats because people like to listen to what an authority has to say, approaching him rather than the other way around.

Its also human nature to want the best. Authority figures are usually experts in their fields, but this obsession with the best can also take a less practical form. A tremendously successful local photographer is a status symbol of sorts; society figures need to have pictures taken by him in order to be considered elite.

Those can can capture the ears of an audience means that he knows what hes talking about, or at least leaves the impression of his proficiency. Anyone who can pull this off is no doubt successful.

So if you find yourself fielding inquiries from people who want to learn from you, dont hesitate to take them. At the very least, youre helping someone else out, which is always a great thing. You also get to build a profile as an authority on the subject.