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Are Passion and Profit Mutually Exclusive?

Recently I saw a movie based on the life of Bobby Jones, one of the greatest golfers of all time, who never turned professional to boot. One of the films themes explored amateurs and how theyrerealsportsmen, playing out of passion, with no money in the equation.

Amateurism can limit a sport’s potential. And Bobby Jones was lucky to be born into a welltodo family that gave him the chances and connections to build a decent law practice while winning golfs grand slam. Not to mention that not all of us possess the prodigious ability of Mr. Jones, which helped him find great success in his passion. Yet the movies message is something freelancers should consider.

Thanks to all the opportunities offered online, such as a wider client base and the greater potential to build passive income, a popular buzz phrase ismonetizing your passion.” Or the ability to make a living from what you really like to do, instead of just working for the money. What gets me back on track is the realization that I’m lucky to be able to make money on my terms. Though writing for assignment writing service sometimes becomes something I have to do, putting together words to get the message across is still a very enjoyable experience for me.

Work will always be work. Even if youre following your dreams, requirements are a great morale sapper. Its human nature. NBA players who are becoming rich from a fantasy career feel the pressure of constant practice, the busy schedule, competitiveness and earning the millions they are paid each year. Passion is replaced by a need to get the job done.

There are days when I catch myself simply working just because I have bills to pay, that I have commitments to fulfill. Not because Im genuinely passionate about what Im doing. And I notice that Im tempted to minimally fulfill a projects requirements, so that its out of the way and I can move on to the next one.

In the film, it took a while for Bobby Jones to realize his passion for golf, despite the obvious talent he had for the game. It took me a few months after graduation to discover that writing was for me. But in both cases, once the dream was discovered, all the pieces fell into place.

But we do agree on one thing: its not good when it becomes all about the profit. Thats because when passion becomes secondary, the work suffers. It becomes a hill to get over, and when that happens, it becomes hard to dedicate 100% of your skills and determination.

Things You Need to Know About Freelance Work

For the sixth theme day, well be talking about new beginnings, graduations, and anything this years recent graduates would find relevant. Check out Darlenes theme post to see what my colleagues have to say!

But before you do that, let me share my experiences over the previous year. Its just over a year since Ientered the world,” graduating last March, and began my career. As a fresh graduate, I decided to immediately freelance exclusively. Meaning I didnt even look for a job, since Id be working for myself. Unfortunately, turns out that wasnt the best move I made.

Thing started out well enough. I started making some computer models for a realestate company, was able to land a regular writing gigs covering gadgets (a personal favorite), executed some smallscale design projects, and discovered the wonderful world of blogging. Along the way, however, I realized that only more structure and guidance would allow me to grow as a person and a contract worker. I felt that my skills were stagnating, because

There was so much I needed to learn, and even if doing things would eventually teach, the faster route is always having someone or something show the ropes. Which is why I applied for a job.

I knew that if I relied only on myself for improvement, I’d end up nowhere. Though a corporate lifestyle is ultimately the antithesis of a freelancer, it still carries many advantages that will help beginning freelancers get off the ground. Youre sure of a regular salary, so you dont have to worry about how youll feed yourself while you concentrate on improving your skills. And your employer may enjoy certain perks that you can use to further your freelance career. My first job at a gadget distribution company meant I was constantly at local product launches, able to track the trends that let me be a better technology blogger. Working for the man and freelancing arent mutually exclusive.

I decided to enjoy the best of both worlds, realizing that it was too early for me to make a living exclusively from freelancing. As a fresh graduate, there so many things I didnt know. The great thing about the corporate world is that you can learn so much, literally at your companys expense.

In short, whether or not youve graduated recently, you should consider living off only freelancing once youve gained years of experience. And the corporate path is a good way to do this. Work at the right 9 to 5, and youll learn so many things, while getting a regular salary that will help you build a financial base to support you when you decide to strike it out on your own.