Quality Sources For Your Paper

Good sources for writing these two books are editors Bibles Chicago Manual of style is a book published by the University of Chicago Press and it is so thorough goes into every aspect of of writing how to present the best professional money I know that for your bibliographies you’re using MLA and other sources but just as a general reference this is a really good book another very good book is a very thin book called The Elements of Style it’s by Strunk STR unk and white WH ite this book goes into the writing itself into your prose style how to write a good sentence what to do what not to do and the white is EB White who wrote Charlotte’s Web and trumpet of the Swan Stuart little books you might have read as a kid but very good book very very good point and both bookstores and libraries should have these books.

Now let us take a closer look at exams and infirm caterers individually here are some suggestions for approaching your synth exams ask yourself what are the most important elements of the source material what are the highlight highlights the points that get the most coverage in the written and visual material and have gotten the most emphasis in class you want to note these now once you have listed these points look for the themes and patterns in them and group them together as John mentioned he is chosen elements of your source material that do have a connection semantically so you will be able to find things that are alike about them it helps here to look for parallels and similarities in addition you want to look for the distinct differences in these points and note them too because there are some next you want to make an outline of these important things pens similarities and differences what I would suggest is to use the inverted pyramid approach inverted pyramid what you do here is to list the most important.

The most meaty and the most weighting elements and themes and then go down in descending order from there use them and then what are the different points that explain the main themes finally you want to bring together the important themes from the source materials to a conclusion that connects them together in a thoughtful manner you want to tell your reader what you got out of this material ask yourself what did I learn what inspired me what caused me to see the subject of urban economics in a new way ultimately the synth exams will reflect the fact that you have assimilated from the source material you want through these exams to show John and me that you’ve understood this material well and have written Intel intelligently about it in your own voice so that’s the key right there that you have understood the material and assimilated it and have written about it intelligently in your own voice.