Do You Know About the Mini Keyboard and Why it is Crucial?

Yesterday I talked about how pen and paper can help you survive without access to a computer. But aside from that oldschool solution, which we should never stop using anyway, certain gadgets make it possible to do work onthego. Particularly if you have to write something.

As the editor, Ive written about many different smartphones and PDAs. And one kind of feature I really find useful is the thumb board. With the smaller version of the keyboard you usually see on computers, typing in lots of text becomes so much easier.

There are many gadgets out there with thumb boards. A few months ago a boss asked for my advice regarding which gadget would be perfect for his business lifestyle. And even if I dont agree with his final choice, his choice is still a great smartphone because of the mini keyboard that slides out from the button. Whenever he has to type out a document, and cant access a computer, he could probably do it on his phone.

In short, if youre looking to get a smartphone or PDA, I suggest you get one that features a thumbboard that makes inputting text easy. Youll find that this trait lets you get work done while away from a computer. And the best part is, instead of having type everything in once you return to a computer, you can just copy the data stored on the gadget and use it right away.

The Fruits of True Commitment

Did you know that, in the advertising industry, it’s standard for a copywriter to practice the 50 boxes method? In other words, they push themselves to do 50 ideas for each assignment. Is it any wonder that copywriting can be such a time-consuming art?

Of course, coming up with 50 different ideas with deadlines looming is close to impossible. Unless you’re on a creative roll, it’s hard to get past 20, even 10. Let’s not forget that you also need time to execute the project itself. The point is, great ideas only come from such commitment, the willingness to rack your brain, the willingness to stay up late, the willingness to do everything to improve your skills. Beautiful things always take time to create. Are you really willing to devote enough time to each of your projects?

Are you truly committed to your projects, giving them your absolute best effort? If you’re focused on finishing the project as quickly as possible, just for the money, then you’re probably not passionate enough about what you do.