Essay Formating And Underlining

Don’t keep underlining one word in each line or you on one word in every two lines only if there is some important code because there is some some important terminology right whenever I think about diplomacy to track diplomacy or the or you know the third channel of diplomacy whatever it is it is an important code by one important function arey then you write just underline that name alright maybe the subheading after writing involved that alone you underline so you know that the structure is you are trying to be introduced it you are trying to analyze it from two three angles and then you are concluding it so please don’t underline too much even in your mains paper don’t underline – the words in every point that you’re writing the examiner will read your answer. Find out more about underlining words in essay and more onĀ Edusson.

Don’t worry it’s only facilitating underline if it’s a 150 word answer you should not underline more than seven eight words because those are the key words the rest of the answer is there for the examiner to read right so that is important but underlining does have its usefulness so no it’s not that you know because the examiner is also a human being right so you know so he has to read hundred two hundred three hundred papers it always helps when you underline and show that the earth this is the important one but it should not be overdone so only the key word should be underlined so the point that your writing is known to the examiner so in each paragraph there may be one important point one important sentence or one important word which you want on the line which brings out when we look at the examples we’ll try and see what are the kind of things that you can do second very important point and when we discuss I mean I’ll just leave you with this thought here.

Because when we discuss the topics right we will see how so your essay should be conceptual and you should substantiate the concept with some example it should not be just examples writing you know in India also this happened in Andhra also this happened in China also this happened right or here also this happened and just keep writing for all the four points you just write four examples in four paragraphs and you feel you have coveted know what is the import of what happened in China what is the import of what happened in India that concept has to come out like what happened in India recently with respect to this right so when we discuss the examples maybe we will try and see how to structure it but is that clear your paragraphs cannot be just filled with examples what do you think your example should only be to substantiate the concept that you are trying to bring out they say while it is more to test whether in a given topic.