About Us

Natomas Journal is one of the world’s largest travel review. That makes travelers unleash the full potential of every trip. This site helps travelers to see the best place that fit their plans for relaxation. With so many connections of hotels, flights, and other matters concerning travels. We want the people to have satisfaction in their trip not only the place but also for their savings. We gather all different kinds of travel information like air ticket, which is the cheapest airline tickets on their desired date of travel. Hence, the cheapest hotels and other accommodation that will fit their budget.


The mission of our site is to give convenience to all the travelers instead of looking on different site it is much better to have one site to check all their needs. Also, to help companies to boost their advertisement through our site. And give them a review of each consumer on their services. Thus, we are able to help on both sides connecting the company and the consumers in our site. We do not just list the good remarks of the consumers but also their negative experience on the service of the company they acquire. In this way, the company can improve its services.


Moreover, the consumers have a lot of chances to compare the prices of every accommodation, flight and other related services for their trip. Our site also helps the tourism of each nation around the world. Consumers can compare what tourist attraction that they haven’t visited. And the most place that will give them satisfaction for their relaxation.


Since 2000, we started this site with a purpose to be a travel website review. That gives the consumers a convenience for their vacation. Internationally the website operates for 25 countries. It is appreciative to read the comments of each traveler about their experience in place they visit either negative and positive.